Porcelain Tiles


Just like their larger cousin in the porcelain paver, porcelain tiles can make a very welcome addition to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and more. They are just as solidly built, functional, and visually appealing as the paved version, but more suited to an indoor or semi-covered setting. Use freely on floors, walls, vanity units, on cabinetry, and more!

Here at RMG, we’ve got the best porcelain tiles stocked, and the knowledge to use them to their full potential. Whether it’s a simple installation or complex series of cuts for a huge design project, we can do it all!

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How Porcelain Tiles Can Work For You

Elegant, Timeless Looks

Whether you’re after something a bit more neutral or inspired by the cold tones of nature, or something more exotic, vibrant, and colourful, porcelain tiles are acknowledged as one of the more timeless materials. They can easily replicate the same feeling as a concrete, marble, stone, or textured tile, usually for a fraction of the cost, and with the same hardiness you know and love.

Wherever they are placed, porcelain tiles automatically create a chic sensation, elevating your space from lifeless to bursting with energy, and revolutioning spaces that would normally fade into the background. These tiles create simple luxury in any space or place, and are a beautiful way to decorate and protect your home.

Sturdiness To Last All of Life’s Challenges

A major difference between porcelain and a close neighbour like ceramics is the way they are crafted. While both are made from clay and then fired in a kiln, porcelain is made from higher quality base materials and fired at far hotter temperatures, making it a mean contender for durability. Porcelain is denser and less porous, meaning that it is highly water and stain resistant, and while the cost does go up as a result, it means that this material can survive all of life’s tricks.

Similarly, it also means that porcelain tiles have a longer lifespan than other counterparts, and will outlast and outperform them in terms of durability, breakability (or lack thereof), stain resistance, and cost.

A Breeze To Maintain

As we mentioned, the high density and low water absorption of porcelain tiles make them a key ingredient to a functional bathroom or kitchen. Instead of absorbing water and bacteria, porcelain doesn’t allow for these things to penetrate its surface, meaning that cleaning is as simple as a wipe down with a touch of cleaning product in the mix. Spills and messes are disposed of with ease, mud and grime can be brushed away, and porcelain even stands up against water spots, mould, and kitchen grease and grime. For an all-purpose indoor material that combines ease of use with aesthetics, porcelain tiles can be an absolutely excellent choice!

Porcelain, The Virtually Unbreakable Supermaterial!

Lastly, and one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a material for your indoor space, is their breakability. At RMG we understand how frustrating it can be to renovate a bathroom or kitchen, only for an accident to cause the new tiles to crack. Porcelain can withstand up to 10kN of force before it breaks, due to the density of the material when it is manufactured, meaning that it is tough as nails for those common spaces where a lot of activity takes place. All-in-all, they are a wicked choice for indoor usage, integrating all the needs and wants of the home or business owner in one sleek material.

Porcelain Tiles Are An Ace Choice For The Indoors

Just like their outdoor paver twins, porcelain tiles are a match made in heaven for indoor use cases. Low maintenance and high performance, budget-friendly, and visually stunning, give us a call today or shop online to inquire about how you can get these tiles into your home. As the cream of the crop of tiling experts, we can fulfil any project – big or small – to your wishes, and make that renovation, repair, or home overhaul really pop.