Porcelain Pavers


Deck out your home’s outdoor space with our unbeatable range of high-quality, beautiful Porcelain Pavers that’ll make those special outdoor spaces really shine! We’ve got the most innovative tech ready to serve you with precision cuts, and fit-out that poolside relaxation zone, outdoor BBQ or pizza oven area, or paved walkway leading up to the front door. Here at RMG Tiling & Bullnose, we’re home to the best designs, the best expertise in our team, and the best performing pavers money can buy.

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What Porcelain Pavers Can Offer You

Durable Quality Guaranteed

Because of the way we manufacture our porcelain pavers, they are extremely durable and resistant to breaking. Porcelain as a material is highly dense and tough, meaning that it can withstand the weather and all the normal facets of home life. It could even resist cracking if something heavy was dropped on it, like an outdoor pot plant (not that we advise doing this of course)! It’s one of the smartest choices for outdoor usages because of its inherent durability, maintaining its sleek quality for many years in the future, and being incredibly resistant to the types of wear that other pavers might succumb to.

As the experts in commercial and residential tile cutting, we can ensure that this ultra-sturdy material is cut to your exact specifications, meaning that your new renovation or old home facelift is looking and functioning to perfection. Just say the word and our team of master tilers will get the job done!

Super Easy to Clean and Maintain

Leading on from the durability of porcelain pavers, because they are so resistant to wear, stains, mould, and waterlogging, they couldn’t be easier to clean and maintain. Unlike other types of tiles or pavers that require a sink cabinet’s worth of cleaning products, often porcelain pavers just need a quick high-pressure hose off to be as good as new. This will really take the edge off those spring cleaning tasks and day-to-day maintenance of your outdoor space, as a quick hose off will absolutely sort these beautiful pavers out.

They’ll keep their shine for as long as you keep maintaining them, also allowing you to enjoy the full life cycle of this material without having to worry about replacing them every couple of years.

Understated Extravagance Wherever You Go

One of the most treasured qualities of porcelain pavers is, of course, their look. They are infinitely gorgeous, mature, and versatile, creating a magnificent atmosphere wherever they are placed. Almost reminiscent of the types of marble you find in upmarket homes, they are the perfect intersection of aesthetics and performance. They can also mimic materials like bluestone, concrete, travertine, or stone, at a fraction of the cost, speaking to their versatility as a paving material.

No matter the space or place, these tiles will make it glow, and transform from a dull setting into a truly luxurious feature; somewhere you, your family, and your friends will want to be!

Perfect for High-Traffic Areas and Communal Zones

Additionally, porcelain pavers are a great option for high-traffic areas and places where your and your family spend a lot of time. Because they are aesthetically pleasing as well as tough as anything, they can withstand the barrage of travelling feet, play time, dinner time, weekend activities, entertaining, and even accidents like the dropping of equipment. They’re also basically slip-proof, meaning that tripping is not an issue for areas that see a lot of usage!

Porcelain Pavers – A Smart Choice For Outdoors

If you’re still not 100% on board with the advantages of this gorgeous material, call us up for a chat. Our team of professionals will be able to talk you through the pros and cons, and point you in the right direction of your home tiling dreams.