Bullnose coping has a flat, back-sloped surface but with a curved front face. Bullnose coping is considered to be a safer alternative to other pavers because of its soft edge. As a result it is preferred for use in swimming pools as it makes it easy for people to climb in and out without risk of rubbing against a sharp edge. Because of the unique shape of this coping it’s considered relatively complex to cut, requiring professionals to do the job.

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Pool coping is a decorative and finishing touch that separates your pool from the deck. It also gives you something to grab onto when you’re ready to get out. Hence it serves the purposes of both style and safety and is always recommended. Without coping your swimming pool will be relatively unsafe. Coping also helps protect the upper surface of the pool wall known as the bond beam (which will likely have exposed steel).

There are quite a few options available if you’ve chosen to go with bullnose coping. Before picking a material and design, you’ll have consider your budget range, longevity expectations and safety concerns. Some materials require more maintenance and some last longer compared to others. Slip-resistant materials are also available if you want a safer pool. All of this will depend on your preferences, and our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right decision.