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Porcelain Tiles Melbourne, Porcelain tile flooring


We specialise in custom work for our residential and commercial clients, and offer services from conception to completion. Our expert staff will provide design consultation so you can choose a great new design or match something you already like. We work hand-in-hand with each client and our craftsmen have a wealth of knowledge.

View our showroom with a variety of floor tiles in Melbourne, including Porcelain Pavers, Porcelain Tiles  and Swimming pool coping. We offer professional tile cutting service for your next project. 

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Coping for swimming


Pool coping is a sort of ‘visual transition’ between your pool’s edge and your deck. This is an excellent opportunity to compliment your project with a decorative, modern accent or distinguishing the border to make your swimming pool stand out. RMG Bullnose Tile Shop Melbourne offers a wide variety of outdoor tiles at our Melbourne showroom, including pool coping materials and designs that can add a beautiful decorative touch to any swimming pool. Our craftsmen have years of experience to ensure client satisfaction.

Custom Pool 

RMG Tile Store in Melbourne specialises in Bullnose pool coping tiles that can add a great finishing touch to any hardscape project. Our range of outdoor tiles and bullnose coping for swimming pools features a smooth surface and a special rounded side when a sharp edge is not suitable, in pool coping implementations for example. Our Melbourne showroom offers a range of high-quality coping designs that are perfect as an alternative accent for driveways, walkways and the top edge of steps. All of our customised outdoor porcelain pavers can be customised with a variety of colours to match or contrast your swimming pool coping project.

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Porcelain Tiles Melbourne, Porcelain floor tile
Porcelain Tiles Melbourne, Porcelain floor tile


At RMG Bullnose Tile Shop Melbourne we offer a wide range of tile cutting and finishing services for floor tiles. We are able to bullnose and customize almost any tile depending on the requirements of your project. We have the craftsmen and the machinery to cut tile into a range of unique sizes. This offers designers and architects the ability to design without limits as we can cut any tile with complete precision and accuracy.

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